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Pattern Embroidery Cloth

This is a 3-patterned cloth kit-d stiching floss ruler pattern book. It contains key ingredients for cross stitch work, including in-depth explanations and tips for success. The book is hope-filled that it will help you as you cross stitch on your own special loved one.

Best Pattern Embroidery Cloth Sale

This pattern is for a folkart wreath with pattern cloth embroidery. It is made out of a central green wreath with blue and green patterned cloths fit for a santa head. Each ornament is made out of small, white, and black patterned cloths. The ends of the wreath are decorated with green and black ornaments. The ornaments are placed around the wreath with white and black patterns to create a unique and completes the look.
this is a beautiful, patterns and colors of scarves & scarves. This is a great piece for a summery garden or for using as a function piece. The fabric is a great color and the edge is perfect. There is a bit of edging for extra tear-edge. Overall, a great scarf & scarves item!
this is a beautiful shepherds cross embroidery cross stitch pattern. You will need about 6" of width for the fabric to be worked on. The fabric can be used to create a beautiful ornament for your room. The cross stitch pattern will help you to create a picture frame or ornament.